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759 square-foot common area

Designed to accommodate community gatherings and shared use, the Otter Room features a double-sided fireplace and eclectic array of comfortable furniture creating a warm and intimate space to read, converse, work on homework or simply hang out. Reservations for this space are open to Kenmore residents and non-profit organizations, and are generally free, with deposits required in some instances.

When the the Otter Room is reserved, individuals or groups will have access to the space indicated on the layout below. The Otter Room must remain open to the public during your reservation or event. This space may not be roped off or blocked from public access. Examples of events that may take place in this space are book clubs, PTA meetings, after-school activities, recitals, classes, and more.  

Up to 50 People

Projector + screen

Outlets for Phones + Computers


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